Portugal Bag Away the 2016 European Cup Trophy


Match Result: Portugal 1-0 France

Eder’s goal keep the Portuguese alive as they celebrate their triumphant win against the host of Euro 2016, bagging away the title this season. The substitute player waited for the perfect time to create an impressive score from 25meters in the 109th minutes of the campaign.

This was the 28-years old first competitive goal for his country which makes it memorable for him, his teammates, the club management, and their supporters.

It was indeed a magical moment for Fernando Santos side as they prove that they are not the underdog in the match. They might have lost a lot of opportunity in the start of their rally against France but they get to have a late comeback and have the upper hand in favored of them in the end.

Portugal gets to capitalize in the said game and blow away Didier Deschamps hope bringing home the title this year.

Hard works indeed pay-off as the Portuguese still performed well even without Cristiano Ronaldo. He was out of the match after 24minutes as he suffered from knee injury, but still it was him who lifted the trophy at the end of the game. A lot were disappointed after he was called out to take a rest, and it will be devastating for him as well to not play in their last journey in the tournament.

The Real Madrid star is happy with the outcome of the game and with the way his teammate works as one.

Meanwhile, the boss of the club said that this campaign is considered as one of the happiest moment in his career. His dream of bringing home the bacon came true. With the right tactical defense, line-up, and dedication of every members it became possible for them to beat the strong squad of France.

Fans were also the reason that drives them to play well in the competition and they do dedicate this win to them.

To end it Santos describe his team as, “We were as simple as doves, and as wise as serpents.”

Another season has come to an end and it was Portugal’s national team that gets to shine of them all.

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Photo Credit: EspnFC


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