Securing the Number One Spot in Serie A


2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Juventus vs. Inter
Match Venue: Juventus Stadium
Match Date: 28 February 2016

Fresh from their Champions League match against Bayern, the Juve are up for their upcoming match against Inter this weekend.

Team Analysis


Fresh from the draw match result on ECL, Juventus is now ready to have a triumphant win against their opponent. This has been the back-to-back draw match result that the squad has from different tournament, yet they are still considered as the number one team in Serie A with a one point interval from Napoli. This clash is really important if the team wants to remain on their current position, to score a lot of goal will help them to also secure their current standing.

Indeed Allegri’s men had a tough fight this week but their hope of having the trophy from the different tournaments is still present. Juve’s get a chance to tie their game with the strongest team in Bundesliga by creating substitutions this helps them to redeem themselves back. Allegri admits that his players created a lot of mistake in terms of passes and that they didn’t use the space that they have well, lastly they cannot set aside the fact that their competitor is Bayern.

Football enthusiasts have surely seen the improvement after the interval, the team played a lot better.


Inter got a chance to redeem themselves back by beating Sampdoria on their recent match the rally ended with 3-1 as a final score. Roberto Mancini’s team really made a wonderful come back and on hope of continuing it with their campaign against Juventus though the chances of winning is not that high.

If the team wants to ensure that they will have a back to back win then they must need to tighten their defense to stop their competitors from creating goal chances. Inter performance is really different from their rival, on their campaign against the Juve this year the team failed to conceal a goal. This scenario must be their motivation in order to beat the strongest team on Serie A.


Juventus is expected to own the said match after their devastating back-to-back draw result the team is surely on the edge to become victorious on this clash. Creation of many scoring chances is likely to happen on the match so Inter must really provide a good attacking defense to their opponent.


Juventus 1.56

Inter 6.50

Score: 3-1


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