Stoke will Try to Sustain a Clean Sheet


2015-2016 English Premier League

Stoke vs. Southampton
Match Venue: Britannia Stadium
Match Date: 12 March 2016

With a two point’s deficit, Stoke City will try to keep their rank or climb ahead and snatch the rank of Liverpool as they face the struggling team of Southampton.

Team Analysis

Stoke City

Stoke city is in hope of sustaining the clean sheet that they have in their four previous matches, and is on challenge to have a better ranking on EPL ranking table. The squad surely did well on their previous matches after their devastating lost records before their previous campaigns. Bouncing back has never been that easy since all their competitors have that desire to have momentum win at the end. Their defeats serves as a learning which makes them have the eagerness to reign as victors in the end.

The team dares to try different styles on their matches which contributed to their success. Their faith on being qualified to UEFA Europa League is the goal of the team. On their upcoming campaign Shaqiri and Arnautovic are expected to lead their team in another successful rally. Ryan Shawcross is also expected to make a comeback as they face Southampton this weekend.

Performance wise, Mark Hughes said that this season was considered as special, and his men will try to maintain their composure until the end. Keeping the focus on their matches will help them achieve their goals.


It’s the other way around as the Saints struggles to make a comeback on the said competition after having a back-to-back lost and a draw result on their recent match against Sunderland. The team gets to create as many goal chances as possible but fails to conceal it into a goal. With the bad campaign results that they have the squad is hoping to bring back the impressive stunts that they have before.

Southampton always has an unpredictable match results, they win then suddenly they lost. Keeping the same intensity at the beginning of the game becomes a challenge. With only a few games remaining this season, Ronald Koeman men needs to find out how they can redeem their well performance back.


Stoke have managed to win their last two matches against Southampton and they are expected to continue this record on their first meet up this 2016. If the Saints really want this game to be in favored of them then they must try to work on their defense. Stoke always manage to conceal a goal, and their good way of protecting their lead will always be their advantage.

The higher chance of draw result is expected to happen on this clash.


Stoke 2.64

Score: 2-2


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Photo Credit: SkySports


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