Stopping the Successful Campaigns of Real Madrid


2015-2016 La Liga Match Prediction

Real Madrid vs. Sevilla
Match Venue: Santiago Bernabeu
Match Date: 20 March 2016

Zidane well management on Real Madrid pays-off as they are now experiencing a successful winning streak on the competition. The challenge is now on the hands of Sevilla, as they try to stop the impressive rally that their competitors have in hope of having the game in favored of them.

Team Analysis

Real Madrid

The combination of Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo really works as the Los Blancos get their third unbeaten streak after beating Las Palmas with a 2-1 score. Their triumphant win cannot just be witness on La Liga but so as on UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid is indeed back on the track, Zinedine Zidane surely did manage the team well which helps them comeback on the competition.

Though there are times that the team lost their conviction and direction in the game according to Zidane, still the team manages to step-up there game to ensure that they will win. With their upcoming campaign the squad is looking forward for their fourth spectacular win just on how they play it against Celta Vigo.


Sevilla gets to stun the strong team of Villarreal as they beat them in a wonderful rally ending it with 4-2 score. The squad started to create goal chances by a quick counter attack that challenges their opponents to tighten their defense. With the said technique the team gets to conceal a goal.

Meanwhile, Sevilla is not just busy focusing on La Liga, they are also qualified inUEFA Europa League. With this impressive campaign that they have on the said tournament Unai Emery is looking forward to extend it on the second leg of the competition against Basel.


This will be an exciting match up as both teams tries to keep the good record that they have in the competition. The higher probability of winning is within Real Madrid yet the squad must keep in mind that their desire to win is big and that they will not commit the same mistake that they had on their rally against Las Palmas. On the other end Sevilla maybe consider as the underdog on the competition but with what they did over Villas, this only said that their rival must not relax on the said campaign.

Real Madrid 1.38
Score: 3-2


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