The Clash of Manchesters on EPL


2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Manchester City vs. Manchester United
Match Venue: City of Manchester Stadium
Match Date: 20 March 2016

The most awaited derby on English Premier League is about to happen, as Manchester City go against Manchester United. Two teams want to ensure that they will be able to end the season strong, since both struggles on sustaining the impressive stunt that they have on their previous matches. Who will be able to snatch a victorious win on the end?

Team Analysis

Manchester City

Fresh from their successful campaign on Champions League tournament, City gets to advance to the next round of the competition as they enter the quarter finals of the said competition for the first time. The team reigned as victors over their rival Dynamo Kiev. With the good outcome that they’ve got on the said event Manuel Pellegrini’s squad must be highly confident as they go against United on weekend.

Pellegrini’s men is only a single point away from getting the third spot on the ranking table, but with the loss of Vincent Kompany and Nicolas Otamendi finishing this game with a career high will be challenging. Fans have showed their devastation regarding the injuries that the two players of City need to face. Rumors have already spread as on whether they will be able to make it or break it on the said match.

Meanwhile, Blues manager is highly confident that they will be able to have this rally in favored of them. Pellegrini’s primary goal is to ensure that City will be able to make it on both EPL and UEFA Champions League finals.

Manchester United

The pressure is on as the United tries to end the impressive stunt that their upcoming opponent have after their damaging lost over West Ham. Failure to withstand the performance of their competitors has contributed to their lost. If van Gaal wants to ensure a win in the competition then he must try to see the errors that his men committed on their previous matches.

United is only four points away on stealing the current position of the Blue. If they will be able to have this clash in favored of them then there’s a probability for them to go back on top four and at the same time weaken the foundation of City.


This is one of the most exciting match-up that most football enthusiast on watch for. Manchester City is surely on the mood on making this game in favored of them. With the successful rally that they have on UEFA, Pellegrini’s men is surely on track of beating United and having the triumphant win on the end.

Manchester United must tighten their defense and create as many goals as possible if they want to surpass the intensity that the Blues currently have right now. There are only eight matches left, and both teams need to ensure that they will be able do well on this campaign.


Manchester City 1.88
Score: 2-1

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