Title Race is Not Yet Over for the Gunners


12BET (Football News) With the unpredictable match result for Arsenal comes the doubt as to whether they will be able to book their ticket on UEFA Champions League next season. The club once again slides down the fourth spot as they let Tottenham and Manchester City settled for second and third.

Confidence and fate is the only thing that is left for the Gunners as they are 12-points away from Chelsea. Arsene Wenger dares his men to believe that they will be able to end their back to back loss in the competition and create a comeback. Arsenal have won their last Premier League title last 2004, and the hunger for them to win the title is at its peak.

They are not just busy on proving themselves up in the domestic campaigns but so as in the international scene. He also added the fact that Le Blues gets to focus on their domestic clash since Antonio Conte’s men is not involved in big European football tournaments. They just focus on few games while his side is busy huddling up to show an impressive play.

The French boss said that, “it in never over… even if the media think it is, I don’t – we can’t think like that.”

One thing is for sure they will not waste any opportunity this time as they are in badly needed for a win and more points. The optimistic side of the 67-years old manager is the primary reason why he has been loved by many. His coaching style is undeniably one of the best, he always have his fate on his men.

Some fans said that Wenger should leave his position but knowing his personality, he is not someone who will back-out just because of the negative criticism that people throw to him. Unity will help the club to step-up their game as they cut down the rumors. Focusing in the match is the primary goal – Arsenal doesn’t have any time to listen to some of his bashers tantrums.

The club will meet Hull City this weekend with a big chances of winning the said rally since Hull City’s men suffered from serious injury.



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