Two Teams with Different Fate in the Competition


2015-2016 La Liga Match Predictions

Atletico Madrid vs. Sporting Gijon
Match Venue: El Molinon
Match Date: 19 March 2016

Striving to secure a win goes on as Sporting Gijon go against one of the toughest teams on the competition Atletico Madrid. The fate of both team are different, Atletico is at its finest while Sporting Gijon remains to be on the relegation zone after having their losing streak.

Team Analysis

Atletico Madrid

Success follows Atletico Madrid as they have managed to win on their last six matches in La Liga. The team impressive stunt can also be witness on UEFA Champions League. Before their clash against Sporting Gijon the squad will go against PSV Eindhoven on the second leg of UEFA Champions League. Atletico doesn’t want to have the same result that they have on their first meet-up wherein they failed to create a score.

Competition is tougher as Diego Simeone’s club doesn’t just focus on a single tournament – they need to work hard on both La Liga and Champions League. Aside from this the team wants to make sure that they can keep their clean sheet on the tournament even though they have a much more busy training.

To play well on their upcoming campaigns will be the goal of the team, and at the same time they also want to ensure that they will be able to create score.

Sporting Gijon

The exact opposite of their competitor fate is what Sporting Gijon has to face. The team remains to be on the bottom rank of the tournaments. With only a few games left there might be a chance that the squad will be there until the end of the season.

The squad failed to find they’re strength in the competition which gives them a continuous losing streak which is not good for them. The team has only converted 24points on their 29 previous matches. Sporting Gijon needs to improve in a lot of aspects in the game, from the strategy that they will use up to creating a good attack and a tight defense.


Atletico will have the possession on this match, with the oozing confidence that they have it will surely easy for them to win this clash. Meanwhile Sporting Gijon will try to end their drought for a win, but it won’t be enough.

Atletico Madrid 1.36
Score: 2-0


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