Two Teams with Different Fate on the Competition


2015-2015 Serie A Match Prediction

Juventus vs. Empoli
Match Venue: Juventus Stadium
Match Date: 2 April 2016

Juventus who’s doing well on the competition is about to face the struggling team of Empoli who have failed to secure a sure win on their six previous matches. With a low probability of winning the underdog will try to give the number one league on the competition a tough match-up.

Team Analysis


Juventus was out on the Champions League tournament but their impressive stunt continuous as they remain to be on top of the league table with only a three point deficit from Napoli. The Juves have managed to win nineteen of their twenty matches on the competition. They also won their first meet-up against Empoli, and they are expecting to have the same result as they meet up again in the second leg of the competition.

Though the match will be considered as an easy win for Massimiliano Allegri squad, still he must need to ensure that his men are on proper condition and that their aim to extend their winning streak is big.


Empoli’s fate in their recent campaigns is different from their contender as they have failed to win their last eleven matches on the competition. With that the squad current ranking slides down on the 10th spot. Empoli’s line of defense has been a problem with contributed to their losses. The team can also conceal a goal but they always a have a problem on protecting their leads.

Expecting to make a comeback on their upcoming rally against the Juves will be challenging as their rival wants to keep a clean sheet. Winning this campaign will bring back the motivation that the team has lost, and they can also help on pulling down the current ranking of their opponent.


Both teams can potentially conceal a goal, but the probability of winning is within Juventus. They are expected to dominate and keep the possession of the ball on this rally against Empoli. Hunger for a win and to end their unsuccessful campaign must be the motivation of the underdog to win on the said match up.


Juventus 1.23

Score: 3-0


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