UEFA Champions League Finals Match Prediction: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid


Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

Match Venue: San Siro
Match Date: 28 May 2016

It’s the final encounter of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, hard work will absolutely pay big to the team that will take away the title this year. This campaign is also the battle of the rookie manager and the creator of the most organized team in Europe.

Team Analysis

Real Madrid

The advantage of having the superstars in the team is the edge of the Los Blancos in the competition. Added the great supervision that Zinedine Zidane had, that lead them to a successful rally on Spanish La Liga and the other divisions that they are into. The great switch of play is what Zizou used to ensure that the attack of their opponent will collapse.

The Whites fate will be assigned to Cristiano Ronaldo who never failed to lead his team towards a momentum win on their previous matches. The Portuguese footballer is highly confident that he will be able to make it on the finals eventhough speculation roam as to whether his physical condition will become a hindrance. Aside from Ronaldo, another key player who is expected to help his team cope up is Gareth Bale who became the hero of the game during the semis.

These two essential players are highly confident that they will own the UCL title over their fellow Spanish squad. In addition, both players were also busy preparing for Euro 2016.

Atletico Madrid

There’s definitely no doubt that it’s Anthony Griezmann whom they will put their trust into. All pressure is within the French player who managed to create his name big this season. Another exciting match-up will be the clash between former teammates Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos.

Though the upper hand is within their rivals, Diego Simeone believes that they will be able to surpass the heat that their contenders have. With a systematic attacking defense his men will ensure that the Red and Whites will get rid of their opponent and have the victorious win in the end.


Atletico Madrid gets to wipe away two of the giants in the competition which only prove that they are strong enough to make it this far. Meanwhile, Real Madrid gets a chance to have an easy win that brought them to the finals.

Both teams can execute well in the competition, but it’s Real Madrid who has the higher probability of winning.


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