UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Online Betting Preview


The second leg of UEFA Champions League starts tomorrow with the match between Napoli and Real Madrid. But the most awaited match is on day after tomorrow: Barcelona vs Paris Saint Germain. How can you make the best out of bets placed from this phase? The football will be exciting and the betting odds are even more exciting. Read on. We help you in figuring out where to place your money on.


March 8

Napoli vs Real Madrid
Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

March 9

Borussia Dortmund vs Benfica
Barcelona vs Paris Saint Germain

Marquee Match of the Week

It has to be Barcelona vs Paris Saint Germain at Camp Nou. Barca suffered a humiliating 4-0 defeat in the first leg. That means the Catalans have to win at least by a margin of five goals to move into the next round. That is close to impossible, especially against the ultra strong defense of PSG. Still, if any team has the firepower to slam five goals against PSG, it is going to be the MSN troika of Barca. Can they do it? It is a difficult task. The online sports odds of Barca moving to the next round are attractive. But the probability is bleak. Still, if you are in a mood for adventurous betting, check out the odds at 12bet.com.

Other Interesting Fixtures

Bayern Munich vs Arsenal at the Emirates would have been a cracker. However, the Munich powerhouse has killed off the contest in the first leg itself with a massive 5-1 win. Arsenal do not have wherewithal to reverse the setback.

Napoli vs Real Madrid should be a hard-fought event. The Madrid side won their home leg 3-1. A 2-0 win will be enough for Napoli to go through. The stars in the Real Madrid line up will not allow that to happen.

Borussia Dortmund vs Benfica may not get too many television or online eyeballs. However, it should be a terrific match. Benefica won the first leg at home 1-0.  Expect Dortmund to come back hard at the Portuguese outfit. Check out the online betting odds for a Dortmund win at 12BET.com


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