UEFA Europa League: Athletic Club vs. Sevilla


Match Venue: San Mames
Match Date: 7 April 2016

The rivalry of two La Liga squads will continue on the quarter finals of UEFA Europa League. Tie with the total goals, this game will surely have an effect on their remaining campaigns in La Liga for both teams wants to secure a win after their devastating lost in their previous matches. The field is about to be set on fire as Athletic Club go against Sevilla.

Team Analysis

Athletic Club

The exciting match continuous as Athletic Club tries to bounce back in the competition. This will be a make it or break it campaign since this will create an effect on their upcoming match-up in the La Liga. Athletic Club fails to win in their last two games over Sevilla leaving them with no chance of scoring at all.

Though the probability of winning is at risk, Ernesto Valverde club will try to have the same intensity that their rival will show. They are in hope of winning this match over their visitors who will try to snatch a victorious win over them.


A devastating blow as it is due to the back to back lost that Sevilla have in the Spanish competition. These lost must serve as learning in order to make sure that this rally will be in favored of them. Football enthusiast expects that Sevilla will be able to make it for it might really affect their upcoming campaigns if they will lose this one.


This is a different competition for both teams, but there’s only one goal and that is to win. The probability of having a draw result is on. Sevilla might have the higher chances of winning yet they cannot set aside the fact that Athletic Club is in hope of making a revenge.


Athletic Club 2.09

Score: Athletic Club 1-1 Sevilla

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