UEFA Europa League: Borussia Dortmund vs. Liverpool


Match Venue: Signal Iduna Park
Match Date: 7 April 2016

It’s the most awaited campaign between the Bundesliga giant and the strong team from EPL on the quarter finals of Europa League. Liverpool has managed to win on their previous matches with Dortmund they leave the squad with no chance of concealing a goal. This will be an exciting match up since both teams only have a certain goal and that is to enter the semi-finals.

Team Analysis

Borussia Dortmund

The exciting reunion of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Jurgen Klopp is about to take place on UEFA Europa League. The manager who helped in showing the potential of the Dortmund star player is about to witness how he grows as a good player in the competition. Aubameyang said that he is ready to showcase his talent to his former coach and to their visitor.

Though the fight will be considered as tough, Dortmund ensured that they are highly ready for this rally. Thomas Tuchel men will surely give an exciting match over their opponents. The possession of the ball will be in favored of them, yet they will need to conceal a goal in order to have the triumphant win that they want.


Liverpool has managed to create an impressive rally on EPL which they wanted to bring as they face Dortmund in hope of making it to the final four of the competition. The reds will try to keep a clean slate on the competition wherein they are undefeated on their last ten matches in Europa League.

The upper hand is within their rival yet the record the Liverpool has over Dortmund only shows that the team can perform well. They might have a different fate in the competition yet their determination to win is always the same.


This is one of the exciting matches that everyone should watch out for on the said tournament. The probability of having a draw result is at hand, yet Dortmund has managed to show progress in the competition. It will be an intense campaign between Liverpool and Dortmund since both teams are aiming for a sure spot on the semifinals.

Borussia Dortmund 1.51
Score: Dortmund 2 – 1 Liverpool


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Photo Credit: TheGuardian


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