UEFA Europa League: The Clash for the Title


Liverpool vs. Sevilla

Match Venue: St. Jakor-Park
Match Date: 18 May 2016

Rumors roam around as to whether Liverpool will be able get the title in Europa League. Football enthusiasts have a doubt that Jurgen Klopp team doesn’t deserve to be on the final round. This match against Sevilla will stop the speculation if they will be able to secure a win.

Team Analysis


The stage is about to be set on fire as the Reds try to win over their Spanish competitor in hope of bringing home the title. The pressure and advantage will be within them yet they can never set aside the fact that their opponent can perform well.

The reds have won 11 major finals in Europe but have lost four consecutive final cups which is what their manager wants to stop. Furthermore, the German boss wants to stop the issues that they don’t deserve it to be on the finals of the competition. By now the team holds on to their 13 out of 14 undefeated matches in this event.

Klopp also told UEFA that expect an intense fight, and that his men will take every opportunity to create a goal.


Sevilla is on the verge of having their third consecutive title win as they face their rival. The team is the oldest football club on Spanish La Liga and had managed to record a career high performance way back then. Unai Emery holds four titles in Europe Secondary tournament that their competitor should never set aside.

Meanwhile, the Spanish coach is ready to write his name in the history book for having another European success. He trusts Kevin Gameiro to continue his successful stunt on their final campaign. He knows for a fact that Liverpool is a big opponent but this won’t stop his team from aiming the title this year.


Liverpool might have the upper hand as of the moment, but Sevilla is much more hunger for a win. The Spanish squad has a reputation to protect, though they are out for some key players. On the other hand the English squad wants to end their drought of losing.


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Sevilla 2.34
Score: Liverpool 2-3Sevilla

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