Wolfsburg vs. Real Madrid (Game 2)


UEFA Champions League Match Prediction
Match Venue: Santiago Bernabeu
Match Date: 12 April 2016

Zinedine Zidane has confirmed that he used a different strategy on their recent win against Eibar leaving their opponent with no chance of concealing a goal. The rotating line-up worked for Los Blancos, same defense is expected to be used as they go against Wolfsburg who beat them on game one.

Team Analysis


A humiliating lost was granted by the wolves on their opponent as they have been able to keep a clean sheet over their rival ending the rally with 2-0 run. The pressure is on for Real Madrid as Wolfsburg only needs to make sure that they will be able to bring up a tactical defense. The chances of advancing to the semifinals will be highly in favor of them only if they will be able to stop their contender from creating a goal.

The wolves are not allowed to relax as they know for a fact that Zidane’s men wants to own this game on their trip to Santiago Bernabeu. Meanwhile, the squad’s performance in Bundesliga tournament is on a bumpy side as they experience a draw over Mainz. The result on the said competition might affect their performance yet the team is looking forward for another successful win.

Real Madrid

Frustrating as it may seems especially for Zinedine Zidane who didn’t expect that they will experience a heart breaking lost over their opponent on their first meet up. The performance of the squad is way more different than what they do on La Liga competition wherein they manage to keep a winning streak on their last six matches. Los Blancos will try to hold on in order to secure one of the spot for the final four in Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked the fans to support them on this match as this will determine their fate in the competition. The star player of Real Madrid is expected to be on the starting XI, together with Gareth Bale.

As for the line-up, Borja Mayoral will play the striker post of the injured Karim Benzema. Yet there might be a chance that Benzema and Varane will play on the said match but it is not yet confirmed. Though the probability of winning might not be on their hand Zinedine Zidane is being optimistic on this game.


It will be a do or die game for Real Madrid who needs to ensure that they will be able to conceal three goals and no score for the wolves in order to secure a slot. The match result might be a draw as both teams doesn’t want to surrender.


Real Madrid 1.19

Score: Wolfsburg 2-2 Real Madrid


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