Wrist Injury Eliminates Rafael Nadal in French Open



As devastating as it may seem but nine-time winner Rafael Nadal is out for French Open due to wrist injury. Recently, the player gets to advance on the third round after beating Facundo Bagnis. This match had earned him his 200th Grand Slam victory, but the game had also indicated the fact that the professional tennis player needs to be pulled out on the said event.

On the press conference the Spaniard admitted that he played with an injection last Thursday, just to ensure that he will be able to make it, but later in the evening he said that he feel more pain as if he can’t move his wrist anymore. If he will continue to play then there might be a chance that he will break his wrist which nobody wants. The press people have also seen that he was wearing a blue strapping as he makes his way to the table.

Health issue has put his career on the risk, which he didn’t see coming now that he was doing well in the tournament. Rafa stated in the press conference that “This is a tough moment and the toughest press conference I have ever had to give but it’s not the end.”

A lot of tennis fans have showed their sympathy to the star, after withdrawing in the competition and saying that he need to take a rest. The player is still hoping that he will be able to do the sports that he love the most after the few year and have thank all his supporters.

The hope of winning the 10th Grand Slam title will need to wait after the unwanted circumstances. The wrist injury that he had is not just the player’s problems which have excluded him to some major events on his career – he also suffered from knees, back and shoulder, which signifies that he really need to have a break.

Nadal hopes that he will be able to recover and be ready for Wimbledon, after undergoing through medical treatments in the coming weeks.


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Photo Credit: SkySports


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