Ghost Of Christmas Spooks Players With Free Spins And Huge Bonus Rounds

Ghost of Christmas Slot

Even ghosts appear during Christmas, but do not fret for there are ghosts that meant no harm.

In the game Ghost of Christmas, this will grant you more than 25 free spins and will triple your winnings instantly.

The mechanics
In this 20-line slot machine, the only thing that you have to do is press the spin button. Hopefully the spin that you made could form a winning combination that will fill your bankroll to the brim.

If you want to make things more automatic, don’t hesitate to use the Auto Play button.

The interface
Ghost of Christmas, as the name suggests, projects a ghastly and dark theme despite the festive mood that is often attributed to the term “Christmas.” Instead of the typical mistletoes and Christmas decors, the symbols used range from old clocks, a ghost known as Marley, the angel of death and a forgotten roasted duck. Pictures that reminisce the past are also present.

Yet, despite the seemingly dark feel that dominates the game, it cannot be denied that it is one of the most lucrative.


Bonus feature
The bonus features offered in this game prove that the holiday is one of the best time to play.

  • Wild – The wild symbol can multiply all your winnings for up to 10,000X
  • Ghost of Marley – Marley is the green scatter symbol in the game. Its appearance also means free spins. But three scatters are needed to trigger this feature. It also comes with a win multiplier, which triples your winnings.
  • Ghost of Christmas Bonus – The bonus symbol triggers this bonus feature. But it has to be in an active payline. There are three types of Christmas bonus that can be activated once the above-mentioned condition is met. These are the Christmas Past, Christmas Present or Christmas Future Bonus round

Hit or miss?

A game that overflows with bonus features cannot be ignored. Simply put, the Ghost of Christmas is one heck of a game that you just cannot miss.

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