(2015-2016) Serie A Match Prediction: Juventus vs. Carpi

Juventus vs. Carpi

Match Venue: Stadio Alberto Braglia
Match Date: 20 December 2015

Team Analysis


After struggling in the opening of the season, Juventus proves that they can actually change their faith by climbing up the fourth spot on Serie A ranking table.

Beating the Fiorentina with the final score of 3-1 last weekend give the Juve a six winning streak. The three goals were secured by Cuadrado, Mandzukic and Dybala.

Now that the team shows a non-stop impressive performance in their previous matches it will absolutely be easy for them to seal a win on their upcoming match.


A total of ten lost this season was the record that the newly promoted team holds as they are having a hard time to show the same intensity that their opponents perform during the game.

Their poor way on converting a possible goal makes it hard for Carpi to win on their previous matches. They usually lost their possession over the ball. Carpi is now on the relegation line, with a total of 10 points on their sixteen matches.

With the intensity that the other team have it will be pretty hard for Carpi to be on a better spot this season.


Juventus will surely have the possession in this game, with the confidence that they have it will be easy for them to convert a goal. As for the Carpi they must tighten their defense so that they can give the Juve a tougher fight.

Juventus 3 – 0 Carpi

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Photo credit: RadarIndo