An Expected Back-to-Back Win of Real Madrid

2015-2016 Spanish La Liga Sports Prediction

Real Madrid vs. Sporting Gijon
Match Date: 17 January 2016
Match Venue: Santiago Bernabeu

Speculations have ended to the new coach of Real Madrid as they give their rival a 5-0 run. An expected back-to-back win on Zidane’s squad is also expected as they face Sporting Gijon who is currently on the bottom of the table league.

Team Analysis

Real Madrid

A great start for the new coach of Real Madrid, as Gareth Bale the “Man of the Match” left their rivals with no goals at all. Zidane was happy with the performance of his team as he considered Deportivo La Coruna as a tough league to beat, giving the opponent with no opportunity to set a goal at all.

Fans showed their support on Zidane as the crowd keeps on chanting his name at the Bernabeu.

Meanwhile Modric said that he was sad about what happen to Rafael Benitez but the change on the game have happened through the management of Zidane. In addition, he point out that the attitude of the whole team is really different from the previous matches that they have before, and he’s hoping that it will continue on their upcoming matches.

Real Madrid is currently on the third spot of the league table, but if they will continue their performance on the match against Deportivo then there’s a great chance of possibility for them to move to the top.

Sporting Gijon

Sporting Gijon continuously struggle to move out of the relegation zone as they receive their fourth losing streak against Villarreal. The team is about to face one of the leading team on the ranking table, and there’s a little bit of chances for them to win against Real Madrid.

This season was tough for Sporting Gijon, they continuously struggle on converting a goal, and in keeping the possession of the ball. If the team doesn’t want to mess-up on this fight then they will need to work harder, and give their opponent a tighter defense.

Team Analysis

Real Madrid will definitely win this fight with the different performance that each of the players showed on their recent match it will be hard for Sporting Gijon to snatch a win.

Real Madrid 3-0 Sporting Gijon

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Photo Credit: BleacherReport