Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview

Formula 1

The fourth grand prix of this year’s Formula One calendar will wroom off tomorrow at the Baku Street Circuit tomorrow. This is the third street circuit in the calendar. The other two are much more famous: Singapore and Monaco. But Baku Street Circuit is easily the fastest. There are many stretches – especially the 2-km stretch through the promenade alongside the Caspian sea – that are ideal for overtaking and going flat out.


Who is going to win this? By all indications, this year’s title race is going to be a three-way affair between Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes. As things stand now, Ferrari and Red Bull seem to have edged out Mercedes in terms of speed.

Whom to back in online betting? Daniel Ricciardo looks in best form in the practice sessions. Sebastian Vettel has recovered well after a lacklustre start in the practice rounds. But Lewis Hamilton appeared out of sorts.

Check out the odds here: 2.5 for Hamilton, 4 for Vettel, and 5.5 for Ricciardo. Amazing odds, isn’t it. If you haven’t taken an account in 12BET, register yourself here.


Vettel has won the first two races and Ricciardo has won the third one. There were chances for others. For example, Max Verstappen was well placed to win the last race. But he squandered a golden chance.

His teammate Ricciardo kept a cool head and romped home rather comfortably. He has the advantage of winning the race last time in Baku.

The race this time, however, is going to be held two months before than in last time. That means the atmosphere will be cooler than in last year. Drivers will have to look after the tyres. Most teams will choose soft or supersoft tyres.

Mercedes has done some tweaks to its vehicle. But it appears still behind Ferrari and Red Bull in terms of speed.

Prediction for online betting: Sebastian Vettel is going to be the winner.