Continuous Good Run will continue for Barca

2015-2016 La Liga Football Match Prediction

Barcelona vs. Levante
Match Venue: Ciutat de Valencia
Match Date: 7 February 2016

Barcelona proves that they should be the number one league on La Liga standing. With the 14 undefeated matches that they have this season Barca confidence surely runs in each of the players. Meanwhile Levante is still stuck on the relegation zone, and might stay there in a while as they face the strong team of Barcelona.


Enrique’s squad is stronger, and remains to be the toughest team to beat, the team have shown wonderful performance on their matches giving them a continuous four winning streak. Barca has now a total of 51 goals, which helped them secured the number one spot on La Liga.

In their recent match in Copa del Rey Barca leave Valencia the humiliation of not scoring at all. On the survival of the fittest the squad shows Atletico Madrid that they deserve to be called as number one and that the top rank belongs to them.

It is undeniable that beating a strong team like Barcelona is hard with the three star players that they have having a triumphant win is just easy. Suarez, Neymar and Messi are the top scorer of the team and it’s pretty much hard to look for a trio that works as one in order to gain momentum.


Levante’s performance this season is not impressive, they are on the bottom of the league table and climbing a better spot becomes the challenge. With a total of 17pts from their previous matches luck is surely not in favored of them. They just recently got another lost from Sevilla and they are three points away from the other teams who are currently on the relegation zone.

The challenge and pressure is on as they face the strong team of Barca, the chances of winning is also low. If Levante don’t want to have a humiliating lost like what happened to Valencia then they must ensure that they can have a goal.


Barca will have their fifth winning streak, from the previous matches that both teams have Barcelona have always won. Levante must now create any error or else Barcelona will steal another victorious win. The domination of the ball will be in favored of the Catalan. Expect that the trio will work hard on securing a goal.

Barcelona 3-0 Levante

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Photo Credit: BleacherReport