Fiorentina will try to Redeem Themselves Back

2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Fiorentina vs. Torino
Match Venue: Artemio Franchi Stadium
Match Date: 24 January 2016

Fiorentina’s performance in Serie A became a roller coaster ride, they win then they’ve lost, the biggest question is will they be able to change their faith?

Team Analysis


Currently on the fourth spot of the ranking table Fiorentina had experience a back-to-back win and lost on their last four matches in Serie A. Speculation have run on whether Sauso’s squad will be able to move upward, or not?

Fiorentina failed to produce a goal despite having the possession on the ball this is the reason why they lost on their two matches.

Meanwhile a chance to break of losing on their upcoming match is big as they face Torino.


Torino get a chance to compensate for the three losing streak that they have after winning against Frosinone. Determine to climb a better rank on the league table, the squad is currently on 11th spot, they are three points away on entering the top ten.

The team is about to face Fiorentina this weekend without their star player Bruno Perez, who is currently injured and is, need to rest for the mean time. The squad will be challenge to play better without the Brazilian player and hope on having a momentum will two times in a row.


Fiorentina is expected to have the possession on the ball and will score through a long shot. Both teams style on playing is non-aggressive, so expect low number cards that will be shown on the said match.

Fiorentina 1-1 Torino

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Photo Credit: SportsMole