Football Nation Mourns by the Death of Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor

12BET (Football News) An unexpected news have brought sadness to the entire football nation, as the well-known England boss, Graham Taylor died at the age of 72.

The English manager will always be remembered due to his fruitless performance as the coach of England – but most likely for being an outstanding club boss at Watford and Aston Villa. He was one of the nicest football coach and most genuine men in the game.

The reactions that were made after the announcement of his death are the true measure of how outstanding he was inside and outside of the said sports.

In a statement that was given by his family, Taylor passed away due to a suspected heart attack.

The Football Association said that they were “deeply saddened” when they learn about his death.

The national team of England had expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the veteran manager:

“Rest in peace Graham. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and love ones.”

Chairman Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballer’s Association said that: “he was a real quality human being.”

“He cared about his fellow pros and the good of the game and should be remembered as a man who added to the game, who really showed his ability as a manager.

“He thought a lot about the game and was in his own mold. I’m proud and privileged to have been able to call him a friend.”

On an interview on BBC, Dion Dublin said that he was completely shocked when he heard about the news. He even added that Taylor was a very, very funny man, reason why he was respected by his players and treat him as a great companion. Aston Villa also shared their sorrow on their twitter page.

Taylor’s hard work paid-off when he handled Watford, as the team gets to finish it big under his supervision for five years. “Like a brother. We shared an unbreakable bond since we first met.” This was the statement that Elton John post on his Instagram account. The Hornets have also thanked their former coach.

It was indeed a great football journey for Graham Taylor, he has fulfilled his duty and his name will always be remembered in the football history.



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