Manchester City Ederson accepted Sadio Mane apology

ederson vs sadio mane

ederson vs sadio mane

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson Santana de Moraes, simply known as Ederson has accepted an apology from Liverpool forward Sadio Mane after he was kick to the head.

The Brazilian keeper needed eight stitches to repair his face in the accidental collision following their 5-0 win against Liverpool at Etihad Stadium last Septmber 9, Saturday and Mane was given a three-match ban. (Check 12BET for more Soccer Betting Tips)

“Yes, I had contact with him, he sent me a message. I told him to stay calm. Those things happen inside the pitch, it could happen anytime. I told him to not worry and wished him a good season.” Ederson said

The 24-year-old summer signing from S.L. Benfica was treated for eight minutes in the field before he was taken off the field in a stretcher and wearing oxygen mask. However, four days later after the incident, Ederson was back in action wearing a protective helmet in the 4-0 Champions League win over Feyenoor.

“I ended up having a hard hit in the face, but in the same week, I was ready to play in Champions League. I felt a strong kick, but I was always conscious. I knew it had been a long cut. I wanted to keep playing but, for medical issues, I couldn’t keep playing. But I was always conscious, even if I had my face a little bit swollen. But after a week it was normal again. In the same week, I was ready to play in Champions League. I faced that game full of confidence again, without any fear and happy for the result we achieved.” Ederson added

After his £34.7 million move from Portuguese champions Benfica in the summer, Ederson has made a confident start with his team in the Premier League.

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PHOTO CREDIT: caughtoffside