Manchester United not enough to match City’s reputation

jose mourinho

jose mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said that his club’s budget is not enough to match Manchester City’s big club reputation this season.

Mourinho claimed that City bought full-backs at the price of strikers. Given this, the Portuguese admitted that he is incapable of going toe-to-toe with Pep Guardiola’s squad.

He told a news conference: “I know what is a big club.

“One thing is a big club and another thing is a big football team. They are different things.

“When you say a club like Manchester United, do you think Milan is not as big as us? You think they are not as big as we are? Do you think Real Madrid are not as big as we are? You think Inter Milan is not as big as we are? There are many big clubs.

“So when you speak about responsibilities to win the Premier League, Tottenham does not have that responsibility?

“Tottenham is not a club with the same history as us, Arsenal doesn’t have the responsibility to win it, Chelsea doesn’t have the responsibility to win it?

“We are in the second year of trying to rebuild a football team you know is not one of the best teams in the world.

“Manchester City buy the full-backs for the price of the strikers, so when you speak about big football clubs, you are speaking about the history of the club.”

At the moment, United are 12 points behind Premier League leaders and Mourinho expressed that he is unhappy with his squad’s recent campaign results (make sure to standby for the best betting odds).


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Photo Credit: Skysports