Carlo Tavecchio Resigned as FIGC President

carlo tavecchio

carlo tavecchio

Carlo Tavecchio has rendered his resignation as the president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), a week after Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

In the FIGC meeting last Monday in Rome, Tavechhio confirmed his decision to step down and asked the board to do so but they refused.

“I have tendered my resignation, and as a mere political act, I have also asked the advisory board to do the same, but nobody did, so I was alone. My target now is to manage the FIGC for the next 90 days before the elections.” Tavechhio stated

In addition, the 74-year-old also revealed that it was not his decision to appoint Gian Piero Ventura as the Italy head coach but it was the choice of former boss Marcello Lippi.

“They say ‘Tavecchio chose Ventura’. That’s not true. Lippi chose him. Am I to blame for something? Yes: I should have changed coach last Monday at half-time. Apologize to all Italians. Now is the time for Italian football to embark on a new era.”

Going back, the Italy national team lost 1-0 aggregate playoff defeat to Sweden that led to miss the World Cup for the first time in 60 years.

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