Napoli’s Comeback After their Lost with Juventus


2015-2016 Serie A Football Match Prediction

Napoli vs. AC Milan
Match Venue: Stadio San Paolo
Match Date: 22 February 2016

With only a one point interval against the number one team on Serie A, Napoli will try to conceal as many goals as possible as they face AC Milan.

Team Analysis


It was almost a draw result when Napoli faces Juventus in hope of snatching the number one spot on Serie A, but fails to do so when their rival created a goal ending the rally in favored of them. Another upsetting lost happens when they face Villarreal on Europa League wherein same scenario have happened. Goal keeper Jose Reina has tried his hardest to reject the goal of Suarez but it wasn’t enough.

These back-to-back heartbreaking lost is surely not good for Napoli for it may create an impact on their upcoming campaign or the other way around. The squad is definitely hungry for a win, since they need to prove that they are still one of the strongest team that their competitor should watch for.

If Napoli wants this game to be in favored of them then they must work on stopping their rivals on creating a goal.

AC Milan

AC Milan has been undefeated in their seven matches in Serie A, and they are expecting to extend this impressive performance as they go on against the number two team on the league table, Napoli. The team is only 2 points behind Inter, if they will be able to conceal a lot of goals on this rally then there might a huge tendency that they will be able to secure the fifth ranking.

The team expects their upcoming campaign to be intense as Napoli wants to bounce back after 2 streak failure on different tournament, but one thing is for sure AC Milan is ready for this clash. The squad wants to obtain a back-to-back win, and the advantage will be given to them. On their first meet up this year against Napoli, AC Milan will try to redeem themselves back after their zero run last year.


Both teams will bring the Stadio San Paolo on fire – AC Milan is looking for revenge after their scoreless match last year, while Napoli will try to bounce back. Chances of winnings will be with Napoli if AC Milan fails on making a good defense.


Napoli 1.58

AC Milan 6.00

Score: 2-0


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Photo Credit: FullyFootball