One Point Interval to Secure the 2nd Spot on La Liga

2015-2016 La Liga Match Prediction
Real Madrid vs. Athletic Club
Match Venue: Santiago Bernabeu
Match Date: 13 February 2016

The upcoming matches are surely more intense as each team on top of the league table wants to secure a spot on Champions League. Real Madrid who continues an intense performance just to have the 3rd spot is only one point away on snatching the 2nd spot from their rival Atletico Madrid. Meanwhile Athletic Club will try to have a better position on the league table just to be qualified on the Champions League. Both teams need to have a momentum in order to enter the qualifying round on the Champions League. Who will be able to make it?

Team Analysis

Real Madrid

Zidane is doing a job well done in handling Real Madrid – the squad has now a total of 6 wins. With the intense performance that each of the players in the said team has there’s definitely no doubt that will be able to have a spot on the Champions League that every team on La Liga hopes to have.

On recent news in EUFA Champions League, it is said that each players have already improved on their previous matches which is why it is easy for them to gain momentum. From the attacking position, to game transition, defense and assists there’s definitely no doubt that Zidane created a huge impact on the team.

With the unstoppable good performance of Real Madrid it will definitely be hard for their opponent to conceal a goal and snatch a win.

Athletic Club

A devastating result happened after the clash of Athletic Club and Villarreal, as the result is draw. Failure to conceal a goal leave the league tied with Celta Vigo in terms of the numbers of goal that they created in their twenty three matches.

Hungry for a win and for a spot in Champions League will serve as the motivation of the team in order to conceal a win against the tough squad of Real Madrid. Athletic Club will try to stop the triumphant winnings of their upcoming rival in order to have a good position on La Liga series.


Determination to win can be seen in two teams but this match will be for Real Madrid. Zidane’s med will expect a continuous winning streak though Marcelo won’t still be able to help the team due to his dislocated shoulder.

Athletic club will create many scoring chances but need to ensure that will be able to make a goal.

Real Madrid 3-1 Athletic Club


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Photo Credit: Zimbio