Paris Saint Germain is ready for their Fifth Winning Streak

2015-2016 Ligue 1 Match Prediction

Paris Saint Germain vs. Toulouse
Match Date: 16 January 2015
Match Venue: Stadium Municipal

There’s definitely no doubt that Paris Saint Germain is toughest team to beat on Ligue 1 this season.

Team Analysis

Paris Saint Germain

With a total of 54points on their 20matches, there’s definitely no doubt that PSG have gone so far throughout this season. The team is currently on the top of the ranking table with 20points advancement against the Angers.

Their continuous fourth winning streaks have happened last weekend after winning against Bastia. Now that they are about to face Toulouse who’s under the relegation zone it will surely be easy for them to win five times in a row.

On their last match against Toulouse, PSG didn’t give them a chance to score even ones they ended their rally with 5-0 run. The question now is will the Toulouse be able to bounce back and move-out on the relegation zone when their opponent is one tough leading team to compete with.


Toulouse had been able to have a momentum win after beating Reims but remains to be on the relegation zone. They are only one point away to move-out of the relegation zone but with their upcoming match against PSG the team will most probably need to stay on the bottom ranking of the league table for a while.


PSG is expected to have a momentum win against their rival. The continuous winning streak will be a sure guarantee. If Toulouse wants to give their opponent a tough fight then they ensure that will give them a tighter defense and to avoid individual errors.

Paris Saint Germain 3-1 Toulouse


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Photo Credit: BleacherReport