Paris Saint Germain is Unstoppable

2015-2016 Ligue 1 Match Prediction

Paris Saint Germain vs. Angers
Match Venue: Parc des Princes
Match Date: 23 January 2016

The Angers are now challenged to stop the continuous winning streak of PSG in Ligue 1 right through the home court of their opponent.

Team Analysis

Paris Saint Germain

The performance of PSG in Ligue 1 this season is absolutely impressive, there’s definitely no doubt that they deserve to be on the top of the ranking table. The team has maintained a clean sheet in five of their six previous matches, so the challenge now for their opponent is to stop this incredible rally.

The fighting spirit of Laurent Blanc squad can be seen in every match that they have. The goal to win and the determination to continue their wonderful performance last season can be seen. Ensuring to have the domination of the ball is one of the strengths that PSG have, after that the higher probability of concealing a goal is easy.

Meanwhile, PSG defender and vice-captain Mario Yepes have announced his retirement on Wednesday. Yepes have played in 143 matches and scored a total of 10goals. The question now is will this create an effect on the performance of the team?


Angers failed to secure a momentum win against Nice on their recent rally, their opponent have snatch the victory with a score of 2-1. Now that the squad is up for a much more challenging match against PSG, the probability of having a back-to-back lost is high.

Failure to protect the lead was the reason why the team has lost over their opponent – they are the first one to make a goal yet the triumphant win didn’t go in-favored of them. Because of this defeat Monaco gets the second slot while Angers move to third spot.


Angers will need to word on keeping the possession on the ball if they want to redeem themselves back. It will be tough for them to beat the motivated team of PSG, who will try to dominate the whole rally.

Paris Saint Germain 3-0 Angers

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Photo Credit: EuroSport