Securing a Win after a Back-to-Back lost on EPL

2015-2016 Premier League Prediction (Match 21)

Southampton vs. Watford
Match Venue: St. Mary’s Stadium
Match Date: 13 January 2015

Craving for a victorious win for both of these teams who lost on their back-to-back matches against their rivals is soon to end as they face each other after the winter break.

Team Analysis


On their previous encounter against Watford, Southampton ensured that they will never give their competitor a chance to score on the rally.

News about Ronald Koeman’s decision of dropping his midfielder Mane before the said match against Norwich had shocked a lot of their supporter. Koeman is disappointed with the behavior of Mane after failing to go on a pre-match meeting. As a manager of the team he point out that each player must know how to respect his team mates, the fans, and the club. He also added that this is not the first time that it happened.

A bad start for the Saints to be defeated on their first match this 2016 will be their foundation to snatch a win on their upcoming matches.


Just like the faith of their rival, the Hornets had also lost on their previous matches against Tottenham and Manchester City.

Watford took the lead on the first 10mins of the game against the Citizen but failed to hold it through the match. Though the Hornets had lost on the said rally Flores said that it was indeed a good game, the goal that they have converted was difficult and it was considered as an amazing goal.

Both the management and the team will reflect on their match lost and will take it as a learning in order to seal a win.


The Saints will have the possession on the ball. Stealing the ball from the Hornets often times can be witness on this upcoming match.

Southampton 3 – 1 Watford

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