The Battle for the 3rd Spot is On

Roma vs. Fiorentina

2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Roma vs. Fiorentina

Match Venue: Stadio Olimpico

Match Date: 4 March 2016

Expect a good match up as Roma try to secure the third spot on the Serie A league table against the team who wants to have a clean spread sheet Fiorentina.

Team Analysis


Roma’s continuous winning streak is hard to beat as the team had a consecutive six winning streak on their last match. Happy with their current position and hope of securing it on their upcoming campaign, the team is surely on the mood to show their opponent that they deserve to have the third spot.

One of the reasons why Roma became one of the team to look out for on the said tournament is the comeback of Luciano Spalletti. He manage to restore the confidence of his squad, the fact that he knows the club so well have been able to put Roma on a good position. A very experience coach is what the squad needs in order to secure a momentum win on their competition.

With the strong squad and desire to win Roma is surely a team to look out for not just in Serie A but also in EUFA.


Fiorentina have managed to have seven undefeated win and is looking forward on winning on their upcoming rally. A devastating draw result was given to them by Napoli. As they go against Roma, the squad is about to make a comeback since this will determine their faith on whether they can snatch the third spot or not.

The draw result on their most recent match did not significantly created an impact to Paulo Soasa squad, it actually became an hindrance as the team failed to secure a slot on Champions League. On the bright side if Fiorentina will still have an impressive stunt then there might be a chance for them to have a slot on EURO qualifiers.


Roma had managed to snatch a win on their previous match last year the chances for them to win against their visitor is big, but never set aside the fact that Fiorentina also have a good performance. If Fiorentina wants to win then they must hold on the possession of the ball.

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