The Battle of the Two Top Leading Teams on EPL

2015-2016 Premiere League Match Prediction (Match 21)

Leicester vs. Tottenham
Match Venue: White Hart Lane
Match Date: 13 January 2016

Both of these teams had a draw result on their last matches, on this upcoming rally football enthusiasts are excited to witness on whether Leicester can convert a goal.

Team Analysis


The squad is currently on the second spot in the league table. On their last three matches Leicester failed to convert a goal, which is the primary reason why they are behind by 2points against the top leading team on the league table Arsenal.

Meanwhile new player Demarai Gray will join the league on their upcoming match against Hotspurs. Changes on the game play will also be expected according to Raneiri.

The foxes also ensure that they will keep one of their star players Jamie Vardy by offering him a new contract. Vardy plays an important role this season – he is one of the reasons why Leicester is on top of the league table. Vardy have converted a total of 15points in his 20appearances on the Premier Leagues this season beating the record of Ruud Van Nistelrooy, so losing him will really create an impact on the team.


Hotspurs are undefeated in their 18 matches of their 19 matches in the Premier League this season. There last match against Everton lead them to a draw result.

On the said match teenage midfielder Dele Alli shocked a lot of fans after creating a goal. This is the reason why football fas can never set aside the fact that the trophy this year will end up with White Hart Lane.

With Alli, Eriksen and Lameda on the field it will surely be challenging for their rivals to secure a win. Spurs performance this season is undeniably impressive, and if they can continue it on their upcoming matches then there’s a tendency for them to bring home the title.


Tottenham will have a chance to steal the ball from the opposition this will give them the chance to have a momentum win over Leicester. Spurs will also dominate the possession on the ball and will create a sure goal.

Leicester 1-1 Tottenham


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Photo Credit: Yahoo