The Clash between the Strong Teams from EPL and La Liga

The Clash between the Strong Teams from EPL and La Liga

Champions League: Arsenal vs. Barcelona

Match Venue: Emirates Stadium

Match Date: 23 February 2016

The most exciting clash is about to happen tomorrow, the battle of the best from two different tournaments is about to unfold, who will be able to sustain the heat? Barcelona go against Arsenal, don’t miss this most awaited match on EUFA Champions League.

Team Analysis


The impressive stunt of the Gunners will be challenge by their upcoming rival Barcelona. Former player Thierry Henry who played for both team said his opinion about this campaign, saying Arsenal is really the underdog of the match. He also gave some tips on how the Arsenal can surpass the intensity of Barca, some of which were the attacking defense and to create a goal as many as possible if they are given the chance.

The Gunners will be the host of the said rally, and if wanted to bounce back from their lost against their competitor way back in 2011 then the team must provide the same intensity that their opponent have. This must be one of toughest fight that will happen in Champions League since both team wants to prove that they deserve to be on the competition.

A tight defense can help Arsenal to go through this match, they need to secure that the star players of their opponent won’t be able to create an easy goal.


There’s definitely no doubt that the Catalans deserves to be one of the team who will be qualified to the EUFA Champions League. The team was undefeated on their last seven matches in the said tournament and they are looking forward on extending their winning streak as they go against Arsenal.

Luis Enrique stated that the match won’t be easy, “Arsenal will no doubt make things complicated and they have the quality to trouble us. It will be difficult, they are all.” But with the three star players that have, the probability of winning is highly in favored of them.

Barca is way good on creating a lot of goal chances and dominating the possession of the ball. With Messi, Neymar, and Suarez on the squad there’s definitely no doubt that this team from EPL is unstoppable.


Expectation from the football enthusiasts out there shows that Barca will be able to snatch another triumphant win from Arsenal. But of course the Gunners will be the host on the competition they surely don’t want their rival to dominate the possession on the game. Besides Arsene Wenger surely study the weaknesses of their competitor with they will use in order to be proclaimed as the winner.

Meanwhile, Barca’s trio will provide their opponent backline problems, once the three work as one any type of defense won’t be able to stop them from sealing a goal. It is the combination of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil that will help the EPL team to surpass the trio that Barcelona has.


Barcelona 1.66

Arsenal 5.20

Score: 2-0


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Photo Credit: Telegraph