Wenger’s Contribution to the Success of the Gunners

Liverpool vs. Arsenal

2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Liverpool vs. Arsenal
Match Venue: Anfield
Match Date: 13 January 2016

The Gunners have experience a tough game at the beginning of the season but proves to be one of the hardest team to beat as they remains to be on top of the table league.

Team Analysis


An interesting match is about to be witness by a lot of football enthusiasts as the Liverpool go against the number one team on EPL. A highly renovated Anfield will soon to be field by a lot of Red fans on their upcoming match next week.

The Reds failed to secure a goal on their last match against West Ham, ending the rally with a 2-0 run.

Philippe Coutinho who had been injured on their match against Stoke City, won’t be able to play. Lovren and Koure also suffered from injury but Coutinho is different from them. The said star player is expected to be back on February.

With so many players who are injured in the said squad the fight this weekend will surely be hard. Speculation rise that Klopp should be the one to blame for this lost, since most of the damages were made during the training.


Rumors have spread that Wenger’s drought for the first title in 12 years is soon to end. The Gunners performance on their recent matches is of high quality, the team had a total of 42 goals in 20 games that they have in the season. Arsenal just recently had a back-to-back win, and is expected to make it a three winning streak on their upcoming encounter against Liverpool.

Meanwhile Sanchez won’t still be able to play on their upcoming matches, since he is still on recovery session after the hamstring injury against Norwich in November. Wenger clarified that Sanchez is feeling better now but he don’t want to take the risk since the star player is not ready yet. Assurance was made by the Gunners manager since Tomas Rosicky is back on the training, — both Cazorla and Coquilin are doing fine on the game.

Arsenal is a serious title contender that their opponent should keep in mind. With Wenger accompanying the squad there’s a higher chance for them to take home the trophy.


Arsenal is of great success this season, no one can deny the fact that a lot of teams are now threaten with the performance that they have.

The game will be in favored of the Gunners but the Reds will be force to tighten the defense that they have, high number of cards are likely to show up.

Liverpool 1-3 Arsenal

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Photo Credit: BleacherReport