Winless Streak is about to end to either Marseille or Caen

Winless Streak is about to end to either Marseille or Caen

2015-2016 Ligue 1 Match Predictions

Marseille vs. Caen
Match Venue: Stade Michel D’Ornano
Match Date: 17 January 2016

Who will be able to win on this exciting match this weekend? Is it the Marseille whose most of the match result is draw or will be the Caen who has face a back-to-back lost?

Team Analysis


Marseille have a continuous draw result on their last 4 matches in Ligue 1, but that doesn’t mean that their performance is not good enough. On their previous matches the team always ensures that they can give a tough fight to their opponent is just that they are failing to convert another goal.

The squad is finding it hard to secure the 10th spot on the league table, this is the reason why they stay on 11th rank. But compared to the performance of their upcoming rival, Marseille has the more chances of winning. Their upcoming match against Caen will help them climb the league table.


The performance of Caen on their recent match is disappointing to a lot of their fans – the team has failed to win on their last 5 matches. If their performance sucks continue then there might be a chance for their ranking to go downward. Also, this will do no good to the team as they will not have the chance to participate in international league.

Hungry for a win due to their continuous losing streak, this must be the motivation of Caen in order to snatch a momentum win against Marseille this weekend.


Though the higher chance of winning is within Caen, we cannot set aside the performance of Marseille. Draw result only means that the performance of the team is better that it makes it hard for their opponent to win, or vice versa. An intense match is expected within the clash of these two teams.

Both teams will score a goal, but Marseille will have the possession on the ball.

Marseille 2-1 Caen

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