Zlatan Ibrahimovic Out of Action in their Clash against Arsenal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Out of Action in their Clash against Arsenal

12BET (Football News) Fouling Leroy Fer on their clash against Swansea has led into Zlatan Ibrahimovic fifth yellow card, making him missed United’s clash against the Gunners this weekend. This will be his first international break this season, yet it wasn’t a good time to be out of action since Arsenal was a tough team to beat.

The striker admit that he had a rough play in England, as he want to match the quality of play that his teammates and competitors have. The former PSG star gets to create his name with the English side, as he made most of the goals that team had in their previous games. Before the verdict was given, the Swedish professional footballer gets to create two goals to beat the Swans and climb the sixth spot of the ranking table.

The striker was one of the top scorers for the Red Devils and missing this might let the team in danger of losing an opportunity to play on UEFA next season.

Manchester United needs to find its team unity in order to create a great play. Paul Pogba is still in doubt for the team since he hasn’t show his full potential yet, he might be scoring but its not the same as his performance when he was still with the Italian club of Juventus.

Now that the game changer is out, the challenge is on for the well-known coach to find the man that will have an eye on the net.

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Photo Credit: ZeeNews